The top 5 tips that will surely help you finding a job in Vienna

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Ladies and gentlemen, congratulations on moving to Vienna, the best place for living in the world! At the moment you are doing your best to find a job and you still have not gotten it, right? Trust me, I know this feeling. My name is Oday Aubaidy, I am from Baghdad and I am here for 6 years now. Therefore, I know how difficult it is to find your first job in Vienna. At the moment I work for DreiKreis as video producer and IT administrator at the same time. It was not so easy for me to find this job. I did a lot of mistakes and it took me some time until I found out how to find a good job fast in this wonderful city. I give you 5 Tips to follow, which will surely help you.

Speak German!

I know it sounds clear, but I did a mistake when I first came to Vienna thinking that English is enough to find a job here: it is not. You will definitely need German, because you are competing with German speakers. Moreover, the language is the first thing you will need, when you try to integrate into society and will definitely speed up this process.

Get to know more people!

This tip, I believe, is the most important one, because every time you meet someone new, this person might help you in both integrating into society and in finding your first job. This friend or one of his family or friends might work in a company where they need someone like you, so they can recommend you to their work place and this will work like a shortcut to your first job. I got my job in DreiKreis like this 🙂

Always keep your social media profiles like LinkedIn or Xing up to date!

In case you do not know these two websites: LinkedIn and XING, both are the biggest business networks in Austria that operate via websites and mobile apps. So, if you do not have a profile on one of them consider making one. And in case you do have a profile there, keep it always up to date, because this will help the recruiters to find you easier. Also send your CV to many recruiting agencies in your field and let them help you find a job.

In case you are an IT then please check our job section at

Suit up!

Here you might ask: Are we not taught as kids not to judge a book by its cover? Yes, but in the professional world the truth is, appearance does matter. We live in a world filled with short attention spans, where trust is not gained easily.So, if your goal is to get further ahead in your social or professional life you need to get people to like you and give them a first good impression. This will help you massively. Also, when you suit up, it will help you to focus on what you say – especially in your first interview – and it will boost your confidences.

Keep Trying!

You did all of the mentioned tips above and you still have not gotten a job. I know that it is very frustrating, but do not forget that it is very normal at the same time. Call the company and ask why they did not consider you, take notes and work on improving yourself. After this go to your next job interview! I had applied for so many positions until I got my first job.

Never stop trying, because there is a job out there waiting for you and you will find it sooner or later.

I hope this article will help you to reach you first job in Vienna. If you have any question please don’t hesitate to write it down in the comments section… or connect with me at LinkedIn and XING.