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The advantages of personal recruiting

Automated recruiting only has apparent advantages, as it’s not really time saving. At DreiKreis we follow the proven approach of personal recruiting. Our experiences showed that with personal recruiting, we can purposefully propose well matching candidates to our clients.

The DreiKreis video application focuses on personality

A job transition is always a very personal decision. DreiKreis supports their candidates by talking to them in person, to further find out about their individual needs and wants.

Video Shooting
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Giving the candidates honest feedback is important to us

We prepare our candidates for their interviews with the customers, we let them know what they could be asked for, regarding personal questions and even technical inquiries. At the end of the process, once the interview has taken place, we offer the candidates honest and constructive feedback which can help them to improve for future job interviews.

Software algorithms are hard to avoid when looking for it experts

We are bound to algorithms during our search for IT experts on social media. To avoid software algorithms in the further process, we prefer to talk to the people in person.

We provide assistance to write a good CV

Especially in IT there are a lot of people who have never written a CV, or they send out a somewhat chaotic CV. For some candidates it has been several years since they have sent out a CV, after this time it gets harder to present projects and work places precisely.

We call all our candidates regardless of imperfect CVs to make sure that we get to know them and their work experiences.


The success of our personal recruiting speaks for itself

Firstly, we help editing our candidates’ CVs to make sure they give an excellent impression. Secondly, our company’s video expert records and edits the candidate’s video application, which highlights their unique personalities.

DreiKreis’ growing success shows us that we are on the right path, which assures us to keep this “personal touch”. With personal recruiting we can focus on the individuality of each person, which further increases the success rate with our clients.

Learn how we work and who we are
Learn how we work and who we are
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Take a look at the current vacancies