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What we do about the problem of IT specialist shortages

The shortage of skilled workers in Austria is on everyone’s lips. According to the trade association UBIT, an estimated 10,000 IT specialists throughout Austria cannot be filled.

In order to counteract this situation, steps will be necessary on the part of education policy and training institutions to make Austria fit for the future of digitalisation in order to avert further economic damage to Austria as a business location.

Specialists are hotly courted

Labour shortages on the one hand mean that on the other hand there is a great rush for existing and future skilled workers. Some companies recruit directly from training institutions and attract with high starting salaries in order to fill vacant positions.

Traditional job advertisements for vacant jobs, however, no longer achieve the desired response to suitable applications, so that personnel service providers are now involved, especially in the IT sector. However, many candidates respond to inquiries that they are literally flooded with job offers – or no longer respond at all.

On the one hand there are now companies suffering from a shortage of skilled workers and unfilled vacancies, and on the other there are skilled workers who no longer have to look for jobs themselves because they regularly receive offers via professional networks and direct contact.

Fast and honest feedback is appreciated

For many applicants in the recruiting process, the decisive factor is the way they are treated and, above all, how quickly they receive feedback. If a company leaves too long a time to report whether a candidate is invited for an interview or receives an offer, interest is quickly lost and an application is withdrawn.

As an Account Manager and Recruiting Specialist, I am in daily contact with candidates to whom I submit offers and job advertisements. The professional background is often quickly clarified by both the company and the candidate. In addition, however, applicants want to gain an insight into the corporate culture of the potential new employer beforehand.

As a personnel service provider and as an interface between companies and employees, we are of course asked to consider the wishes of our candidates and customers as well as to determine precisely when awarding a contract who or which skills a company is looking for and needs, but also what an employer can specifically offer.

This includes taking time in initial discussions and actively listening and inquiring, consulting on an ongoing basis with contact persons from HR and the specialist departments, and ensuring that communication within our company runs smoothly and without any loss of information. If everything intermeshes and everyone pulls together, not only is it more likely to be staffed, but the quality of the staff also increases considerably.

The consequences of this can be lower fluctuation, increased satisfaction among employees and employers and generally long-lasting fruitful cooperation.

It is not just a matter of rapid success

Of course, I am personally happy when I have contributed to the successful placement of someone. But it is just as important to me that we at DreiKreis not only have short-term success in mind, but also want to contribute to the satisfaction of everyone involved.

So what many candidates from companies and personnel service providers want is a comprehensive and well-founded job description beyond the hard facts, quick and honest feedback in the recruiting process and generally an open and respectful approach.

Although this does not solve the shortage of skilled workers in itself, at least the recruiting process can be designed in such a way that the skilled workers in the application process are not lacking in anything.

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