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Johanna Kerber
29. May 2019


💚 was born on September 15th 1989 in Munich, and has been raised close to the border of East Tyrol
💚 moved to Vienna to study psychology and loves the city life
💚 practices yoga and meditates daily
💚 accompanies our IT experts as a recruiting specialist – from initial contact to job interviews

Recruiting specialist Daniel Golger joined DreiKreis in January this year. During his psychology major he already turned towards personnel placement, as “digital research analyst” at an international consulting company. He saw the opportunity to professionalize in this field of expertise.

He switched to DreiKreis with a view to our team spirit and working methods. We were able to meet his expectations, he says. With his empathic nature and candour, we are happy to have him aboard. Daniel lends his sympathetic ear to his colleagues who he treats like close friends, and he is always up for humorous chitchat after lunch break.

Daniel Golger and Team
Daniel ran the mixed relay marathon with our team in April.
From left to right: Daniel Golger, Katharina van Zeller, Dora Rummel

Asking Daniel about his hobbies, he lists meditation first and foremost. Meditating daily gives him a sense of living his life consciously, he tells us. After participating in a yoga retreat two years ago, he came back as an “early bird”:

“Back then, I didn’t use to get up early. These days I get up between 6 and 7 in the morning, sometimes I start my day with dancing. I really get a kick out of that and I start my day with the feeling of happiness.

Daniel Golger meditates

Music is an important part of his life as well. As a child Daniel started to learn how to play the drums, in the meantime he switched to a different kind of instrument – his own voice. Recently he has thrillingly started taking singing lessons.

Daniel swears by the combination of psychology and personnel placement – he sees the common thread in the characterization of people. His analytical skills and keen interest in people help him in his day-to-day work.

He stresses:

Every person should earn positive recognition – this is what I like to bring into personal recruiting. I don’t want to categorize people simply to receive ‘potential provisions’, by no means.

In his future, Daniel sees himself practicing as a psychotherapist. It is his vocation to help people on a scientific basis. Later In life he wants to work at his own psychotherapy practice.

When asked what his plans for the near future are, he answers laughing: “I was thinking about a vacation in Bali for three weeks…

Daniel, we appreciate your open nature and are happy to have you with us. We wish you all the best!

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Johanna Kerber

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