We are growing: Welcome, Makrina Heuer-Trimborn!

Johanna Kerber
23. October 2019


💚 was born on March 14th 1987 in Bad Pyrmont and raised in Hannover, Germany, and has been living in Vienna since 2016
💚 is multilingual and fluently speaks German, English, Greek, Spanish and French
💚 sees herself as a part of a great whole
💚 has a green thumb and helps our IT experts to flourish as well

Our team is growing: Makrina Heuer-Trimborn joined DreiKreis in July 2019. She brings a lot of expertise and most importantly genuine interest in people. Makrina knows that the key in recruiting is communication. Her major concern is to incorporate in the different perceptions of everyone involed. Makrina has quickly become an important pillar to our team, and we are very happy to have her here.

Portraitfoto Makrina Heuer-Trimborn
“If you never leave your comfort zone, you won’t meet new people” – Makrina Heuer-Trimborn – ⒸAstrid Schwab

When Makrina talks about her position at DreiKreis, I notice early on in our conversation: her main interest is the person behind the CV. “I love to hear about the different life stories of the people who we recruite, this is what is the most interesting to me. The CV doesn’t have to be overly polished. It’s always positive if people challenge themselves with new tasks, that builds up the skill set”, she points out, “There is a lesson to be learnt in everything you do.”

This attitude reflects on her work life as well as on her leisure time. 
“I am curious by nature and I am always interested in what attracts people to something. If you’re always staying in your comfort zone, you won’t meet new people”.

Makrina is not only a passionate city biker but likes to try out different pastime activities – Zen Buddism, new fitness centers or her mentoring at Sindbad.

Besides being curious Makrina has proven to be very persistent when it comes to obstinate positions – this is thanks to her professional experience in recruiting and because she sees herself as a part of a big whole.

Makrina Heuer-Trimborn
Makrina Heuer-Trimborn has been working as a Recruiting Specialist at DreiKreis since July 2019 ⒸDreiKreis

“For me it’s important to find the meaning behind my tasks – if we have an open position it’s my goal to fill in that vacancy. Mostly, I can take over a small part of a person’s life and change it for the better. I am a small part of a big whole, like a piece of a puzzle”, she tells me modestly.

Makrina really lifts the team’s mood to ease the tension during the search for IT experts. During lunch, which she often organizes for us, Makrina always has a joke on hand.
Makrina shows a talent in finding everyone’s interest, and she prooves to have a green thumb as well. Shortly after her first day at DreiKreis she transforms our office into a jungle, as she finds a green environment lovelier to work in, she tells me.

This builds a bridge between the two, and I ask her right away how she lets our IT experts flourish:

Every human has their own needs, their own story, and this is where I put my emphasis on. I highly appreciate the direct contact to our candidates and to find out who they are. Connecting people is precisely what I love about my job.

Makrina, it is wonderful to have you in our team and to see you grow! We greatly appreciate you for your friendly and candor manner, and we hope your warmth will reach out to even more people.

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Johanna Kerber

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