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2 years ago

DreiKreis at Software Day 2020

On September 29th DreiKreis participated at Software Day 2020 as sponsors. The fourth annual Software Day’s theme this year was „Autonomous Things, Drive & Disruption“ and offered exciting keynote speeches and new connections despite “physical distancing”.

DreiKreis DreiKreis

2 years ago

Successfully interviewing for your new job

In this five-part tutorial we help to prepare optimally, master your nerves and navigate difficult questions gracefully. DreiKreis co-founder and director, Katharina van Zeller, shares 10 years’ worth of experience and expertise in the field of IT-related recruitment consultancy.

Julie Ann Chan Julie Ann Chan

Expert Insights
2 years ago

Covid-19 and its impact on Leadership

The Coronavirus is immediately impacting almost all aspects of life. An area in which changes have been most noticeable for us is our work. It is up to the employers to lead theirs teams through these challenging times, and to support them with support and clear communication.

Julie Ann Chan Julie Ann Chan