We make sure that your pay reflects your skill level.

Want to put your IT know-how to good use? We have the IT jobs and projects you’ve been looking for.

Your benefits

Exciting IT jobs and projects

Leave acquisition to us. Gain direct access to interesting and challenging IT projects and jobs via our network.

Personalised video profiles

A video profile gives companies a more authentic impression of you than any written CV can convey.

Support from DreiKreis

Does talking to potential employers make you nervous? Don’t worry: as we already know the company, we will accompany you to your interview to make sure there’s a relaxed atmosphere.

Prompt payment

We guarantee prompt and reliable payment of your salary or invoice.


Bringing people together is our passion. Our core values are humanity, mindfulness and authenticity.

Our method


Initial contact

You simply send us an email with your updated CV or click on a vacancy to apply.


Telephone call

We contact you to arrange an initial telephone interview.


Face-to-face meeting

We invite you to a face-to-face meeting at our office and create your video profile.


Contacting the company

We forward your application to the company.


Introducing you to the company

We coordinate a meeting where we introduce you to the company. Following that, we accompany you to your job interview.


Signing the contract

We support the signing of the contract and continue to be there for you as a sparring partner even after you have started your new job.

What salary do you have in mind?

Calculate your take-home pay! For more tips on wage negotiations, ask our HR expert Verena for her advice?

With kind permission of the Vienna Chamber of Labour

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