InKreis – inclusive IT recruiting

We place highly qualified and motivated employees with various limitations in the IT and tech industry.

We want to create a working world that values and practices inclusive recruiting. For this reason, we have launched the InKreis project.

Inclusion includes all people. In inclusive recruiting, it is what each individual can achieve that counts, not what limitations someone has. Even with a physical limitation, a less straightforward curriculum vitae or a lot of experience in other fields, good performance in IT is possible. This requires sound training, the right motivation and a chance to prove oneself. In this way, good talents often develop unexpectedly and become valuable employees over time.

Our training partners train people with disabilities or unemployed people in IT. We provide these career changers with our network in the IT industry and help them to master their career entry as IT experts. At the same time, we provide our clients with valuable talent. We support you in using the current situation on the labour market positively for yourself and strengthen your understanding of inclusive recruiting.

  • We help you to break down any prejudices and barriers.
  • With our support, you develop new perspectives and extend your existing circle of candidates.
  • You get the chance to meet new talents and bring qualified support on board.
  • You learn to fully exploit the potential of social diversity as an economic success factor.
  • We give you access to suitable IT projects through our extensive network.
  • We facilitate making contact with IT and tech companies.
  • We actively approach our clients and introduce you to them.
  • We actively help to reduce concerns on the employer side.
  • We actively support you in your self-presentation and in the application process.
  • We ensure timely and constructive feedback on your application.

In the past, we have been able to successfully support jobseekers with special challenges in their job search and inspire our clients with applicants whose potential they did not recognise themselves at first glance.

No matter whether you are looking for a job in development, or in design, network technology or software testing. We place you in exciting and challenging IT jobs and projects in international and national companies.

Take the right steps for your career with us.

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