About us. How we work and who we are

Bringing people together is our passion.

Because we believe that together we can achieve more.

We also believe in humanity, mindfulness and authenticity. We live these values at our recruitment service, where we enjoy supporting people during this important stage of their lives while also maintaining deep and long-term relationships with our companies and candidates.

Within the DreiKreis company, too, it is important that the way we work together is enjoyable and productive. Which is why flexible working hours and communication on an equal footing are part of our everyday working lives.

We are keen Scrum users.

Scrum is a management framework that helps us to organise ourselves in a way that is agile, transparent, team-oriented, efficient and reliable for planning purposes. In four-weekly sprints, we establish our goals and then break those aims down into daily tasks. Additionally, a project board helps us to keep track of our projects on a day-to-day basis. By prompting us to carry out regular reviews and assessments and to constantly subject ourselves to close scrutiny, Scrum also helps us to never stop improving or learning.

Three stakeholders. Three parts of the same circle.

Three stakeholders – companies, experts and ourselves – are three parts of a single circle. It visualizes how we provide experts with access to interesting and exciting jobs and projects, while at the same time helping companies to save time and resources.