Stand out from the crowd – DreiKreis video profile

How to find your dream career, a fascinating project? Exactly – you need to stand out from the crowd with our video profile.

IT experts frequently apply for new jobs during their careers. This is related to the fact that most of the jobs are project-based and designed for a limited time period. There are plenty of IT jobs and relatively few IT professionals, which increases the chance for the applicant.

The video profile is the ideal complement to a good CV

All applications which are sent out to potential employers via DreiKreis include a CV and a video profile, which has been produced at our studio.

DreiKreis Co-Founder Johanna Kerber has put together helpful tips for a successful application within the IT sector.

Co-Founder Johanna Kerber on the video profile:

The video profile provides an additional opportunity to our candidates to introduce themselves to their prospective employers. While the CV emphasizes on work experience and qualifications, the video gives an impression on the personal details, thus adds a completely new dimension.

Video Shooting bei DreiKreis
Behind the scenes of a video shoot at the DreiKreis studio

The DreiKreis video profile is about 1.5 minutes long and consists of three questions

  1. “Who are you?”
  2. „What is your professional focus?”
  3. „What would good friends or colleagues say about you?“

The first question focuses on your name, family, your heritage and hobbies.

We want to give a personal impression of the applicant,”

says Johanna Kerber and adds

The companies have a keen interest in getting to know their new employees.

Videoeinschulung bei DreiKreis
Instructions on the video profiles by our video producer Oday Aubaidy

With answering the second question you tell us about your previous career

What are your focus areas, what are you interested in and why did you apply for a certain position?

To answer the third question, we would recommend asking your friends

or to reflect on what sets you apart from others beforehand.

This is a basic question in HR that gets asked frequently in job interviews,”

explains Johanna Kerber,

There is no right or wrong answer.“

It makes sense to describe features that can be of an advantage for a certain position, such as determination, flexibility, strong analytical skills, diligence, etc.

We would suggest to give examples, in what kind of situations you have successfully taken advantage of these features so far.

A typical video profile

Example of a video profile demonstrated by our former account manager Alban Mehmetaj

There is no trial run for our videos…

… as we have discovered that the candidates feel even more unbiased and free at the first take and appear authentic. All answers for the video may be repeated as often as they wish, of course!

I have never recorded a video myself,

said Veronika, a front-end developer, who has recently recorded a video profile at DreiKreis,

“It has been a really good experience! To be thrown in at the deep end made me appear very authentic. I didn’t worry about how I was being perceived. It has worked out very well, I was able to present myself without the pressure of an actual job interview in front of potential new employers. In that situation, the anxiety before a job interview played no further role at all and was quite easy to overcome.

Companies appreciate getting a personal impression of the candidates in addition to the CV. Especially in larger business structures in which executives are seated in various locations this dynamic approach simplifies the procedure of the application process – a feedback we hear very often.

Johanna Kerber explains:

With the video profile our candidates really stand out. In some cases, candidates get invited to a job interview and hired even if the CV does not properly fit the position, all because of the video profile!

She adds:

Tiny deficiencies or gaps in the CV can be overlooked if you can convince with the video profile!

Take a look at our current job vacancies and get in touch with us, we are happy to assist you during your application process.