DreiKreis at Software Day 2020

On September 29th DreiKreis participated at Software Day 2020 as sponsors. The fourth annual Software Day’s theme this year was  „Autonomous Things, Drive & Disruption“ and offered exciting keynote speeches and new connections despite “physical distancing”.

What seemed impossible a few months prior, was luckily made possible:
by following the rules of strict health and safety measures, physical distance, and face masks, we were able to meet and connect with other participants and guests. Events like these emphasize the ever-growing importance of the (Austrian) IT sector, no matter the external circumstances – a global pandemic like Covid-19 shows us once again how important this sector becomes to our businesses and daily lives. We say yes to digitization and artifical intelligence but can’t stress enough how important personal interactions are.

Director and Co-founder Johanna Kerber and Account Managers Sebastian Brenner and Rayan Golijani represented DreiKreis at Software Day. They met new people and their businesses, brainstormed ideas, got inspired by key notes and work shops and made new connections. While talking about the, at some times challenging, last few months, they also made plans for the future. Software Day is organized by VÖSI (association of the Austrian software sector) and should act as an industry event with the opportunity to network, says Peter Lieber of the VÖSI-team.
“It’s especially wonderful that we are acting as consulters to others at events like these”, says Johanna Kerber happily.

Key notes & networking

The guests of Software Day were not only offered the opportunity to network, they were also invited to participate in key notes. Interesting themes like best practice, agile working methods, cyber security, data science, artificial intelligence and Women in ICT and more were covered.
It’s thrilling that a lot of speakers at this years’ Software Day were female. We are excited and highly supportive about this positive development and hope to see more and more women represented in the sector.

We would like to thank VÖSI and the team of Software Day for this wonderful day – we will see you again in 2021, we can not wait!

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Eye-catchers: our sun lounger and DreiKreis goodies. (c) DreiKreis
Director and co-founder Johanna Kerber at our DreiKreis-booth. (c) DreiKreis