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Technological advances have made cloud computing more than just an online storage location. In the meantime, entire business processes are being shifted to the cloud, making them much more efficient. Users are offered far-reaching possibilities and the working methods in companies are greatly improved. DreiKreis specialises in recruiting cloud computing experts and uses our exclusive recruiting process to find the right talent for your company.

Your advantages

As recruiters of experts in cloud computing, we not only work reliably and quickly, but also with understanding on an interpersonal level. Our recruiting process is designed to get to know your company and potential candidates and to connect on a personal level.

We are dedicated to bringing people together. Our core values are humanity, attentiveness and authenticity. We set ourselves the goal of creating a sustainable working relationship with which you are satisfied.

We work in an agile, transparent, team-oriented and reliable way to guarantee you seamless collaboration. We use proven processes and our extensive network to quickly access the most suitable talents

On equal terms
Through the individual approach within our recruiting processes, we have already connected over 50 companies with suitable IT professionals and successfully extended their IT expertise.

The majority of companies now use cloud solutions from providers such as Amazon, Google, Microsoft and SAP. Due to increasing digitisation, the advantages of cloud computing are becoming ever more evident. Software, storage space or computing services via data networks can be used in the best possible way within the company with the help of cloud computing experts. When selecting suitable talents in this area, DreiKreis pays attention not only to the professional skills of the candidates but also to their personality. In this way, we find competent experts for your company who fit in with your corporate culture and your team.

We differ from other cloud computing recruiters in our approaches, principles and methods.

  1. Requirements analysis
    The basis for the successful search for the ideal cloud computing expert for your company is a detailed interview in which we get to know you and the requirements of the vacant position in detail.
  2. Multi-channel search
    We start the structured search process using our database and social media – always keeping you up to date.
  3. Revealing profiles
    We provide you with suitable profiles including live videos. On request, we can coordinate the interviews for you and provide advice throughout the entire recruiting process.
  4. Appointment
    You only pay if you decide on one of our candidates.

Specialised in IT and technology

As a partner for the placement of Cloud Computing personnel, DreiKreis specialises in various IT and technology fields in order to provide you with highly qualified personnel suitable for your company.

Starting situation

Our client faced a staffing challenge in the middle of the holiday season during the first summer of the corona pandemic. The company was in the process of restructuring. An agile mindset was to be introduced. A key member of the company, a product owner, was unfortunately not able to participate in the current change process and lead his team to break new ground. It could be challenging for the new person, as the predecessor had been with the company and established for a very long time. The HR department therefore approached us to discreetly and covertly find a suitable socially competent replacement for this position who could deal with resistance to change and drive the team.

The solution

We received a job description from the HR department, clarified the general conditions and found three candidates who matched the profile within a very short time. Although technically suitable for the job offer, our client rejected the proposals. The requirements of the position were so complex that they were not fully covered by the description. At the suggestion of the HR department, a personal profile raising exercise followed with the specialist department, which had run into staff shortages. After the clarifying conversation, we quickly understood the requirements of the position, which, in addition to high social competence, required a profound understanding of processes and niche knowledge. As it was holiday time and some contact persons were not available over the next few weeks, there was time pressure. With full commitment and record time, we were able to find a suitable candidate in a structured search, who matched the position perfectly, both professionally and socially. She managed to successfully accompany the team in this process of change. She is still active in the company today and fulfils her role with competence, verve and assertiveness.

“DreiKreis hat ein ganz tolles Team mit viel Elan, Ehrgeiz und jeder Menge Spaß!”

Ursula Oberhollenzer (Blue Cube – Agentur für nachhaltige Kommunikation, Geschäftsführung)

“Ich habe mit DreiKreis den besten Partner gefunden, um IT Fachkräfte zu finden, die gerne bei Willhaben arbeiten. Die Mitarbeiter von DreiKreis waren von Anfang an super offen und die Zusammenarbeit ist sehr entspannt. Ich habe bei DreiKreis nie das Gefühl, dass ich aus meiner Firma rausgehen muss. DreiKreis ist wie eine Verlängerung von uns. Ich bekomme auch immer ehrliche Feedbacks, was unsere Arbeit verbessert. DreiKreis hat uns tolle Kandidaten geliefert.”

Annalena Pfeifer-Weidenhaus (willhaben internet service GmbH. Recruiting & Employer Branding)

“DreiKreis ist Termin-Zuverlässigkeit, gute Profilaufbereitung und gutes G’spür für die Leut’ – DANKE und viel Erfolg noch DreiKreisler!”

Sebastian Skalic (EnCon – Software Engineering und Consulting, Geschäftsführung)

“Ich wechsle IT Projekte und Firmen sehr oft. Für mich ist DreiKreis eine gute IT-Recruiting Agentur, weil sie mir sehr geholfen haben, in interessante Projekte in Wien reinzukommen. Eine Empfehlung!”


Martej Rehak (IT Expert, Java Developer)

“Sie machen die Besetzung von komplizierten Positionen bei uns einfacher. Es ist eine Freude mit Ihrem Team zu arbeiten!”

Martin Neumann (Kapsch BusinessCom, Operations Strategy Architect)

“Der Erstkontakt und auch die weiteren Termine waren professionell, gut aufbereitet und die Mitarbeiter konnten ein klares Bild über die offene Stelle vermitteln. Es hat mir Freude gemacht mit Ihnen in dieser Zeit zusammen arbeiten zu dürfen.”

Ing. Jürgen Grassler (Teamleitung, IT Experte)

“Ein tolles und professionelles Team. Ich freue mich schon auf die nächste Zusammenarbeit!”

Christian Schleining (Frontend Developer, IT expert)

“I have been so pleased to work with DreiKreis. Whether you are a job seeker or an employer, I highly recommend DreiKreis for your needs. I have been completely satisfied and pleasantly surprised by their attention to detail and superb level of personal attention.”

Kelly Geyer (Scrum Master, IT Expert)

“Ich hatte das Glück, nach einigen Erfahrungen mit Konkurrenzfirmen, in den Händen von IT Recruiter DreiKreis zu landen. Der Unterschied hinsichtlich Service- und Kundenorientierung aber auch die Qualität der Prozesse und Kandidaten haben mich restlos überzeugt.”

Mag. Roman Chromik (Cards & Systems EDV-Dienstleistungs GmbH, Geschäftsführung)

“Sehr kompetente, freundliche und persönliche Betreuung! Ich freue mich auf die weitere gute Zusammenarbeit.”

Wolfgang König (Kapsch TrafficCom)

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